The Okeechobee Utility Authority is pleased to be able to offer you the convenience of making secured on-line payments and automated payments-by-phone.  You will need to know your account number and billing zip code. The account number must be entered as a six digit account number. You must add one or more zeros to the front of your account number to make the six digits (012345 or 001234).  There is a charge of $2.75 for each transaction.  Please be advised that making an on-line payment or payment by phone does not immediately change any status related to your account.  Payments made after 8:00 PM will be credited to the next OUA business day. If today is your due date, a payment made after 8:00 PM will accrue a penalty.  Making your payment on line or by phone will not prevent penalty or shut-off if made on the same day these events are scheduled.  If your bill is scheduled for penalty or shut-off on the day you wish to pay please call the office to make your payment.  If your service is already shut off  DO NOT  make your payment on-line or by automated phone as these payment features do not initiate a re-connection; please call the office to receive your updated balance and to ensure that your payment is received and your service is restored.

E-check and Payment-by-phone payment approval is provisional, contingent on completion of bank processing within the next 48-96 hours.

Normal business hours are Monday through Thursday 7:00 AM through 6:00 PM.   Please contact this office at 863-763-9460 if you have any questions or require additional information.

To make an automated phone payment call (732) 907-6475.

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